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  1. Please contact me with any info regarding upcoming meetings and how to get registered. I was born at Cam Lejeune in 964 and went to Brewster Jr High for 7th and 8th grade and Camp Lejune High School for 9th and 10th grade.

  2. I just finished watching the live broadcast of the ASTDR meeting. I served in the Marine Corps, proudly I might add, in in l966, l967 and 1968. I was stationed at Camp Lejeune for approximately 2-3 months the first time and eventually was reassigned to Camp Lejeune for the duration of my tour of duty for another eighteen months. During that time I was assigned to the 2nd Marine Division, Headquarters Co. I was assigned the Base Legal Office. I lived on base for approximately fifteen of those eighteen months. I then moved off base to be with my wife who was expecting our first child who was born in the US Naval Hospital on base where my wife stayed an additional four days due to complications.

    I filed a claim with the VA about one year ago due to Lung Cancer which is on the list of fifteen. I was diagnosed with late stage 3 lung cancer around the end of June 2007. I had surgery to remove the middle and upper lobe of my right lung in early August of 2007. Even though I had been a smoker, I had totally been a non smoker for over sixteen years and my surgeon and oncologist both wrote letters saying that in their opinion, smoking was a non factor, the VA still denied my claim. Their reason for denial was that I could not prove that the toxic water at Camp Lejeune was the cause of my cancer.
    I appealed their decision and my reason was the same as on the original claim plus one slightly sarcastic remark stating the VA could not prove that the toxic water did not cause my cancer either. They must not have liked that response because I never heard from my appeal. I called the VA and inquired about the status of my appeal and was l told that no record of my claim was in my file. I was told unofficially that it was probably thrown in the trash. I have since filed another appeal and still no response.

    I do not know what the new ailments that might be added to the original 15 might be, but in this year alone I had prostrate surgery (not cancer related) on Feb. 9th 2015 and on March 18th, 2015 I suffered a stroke of the left side which affected my right side and was released from inpatient therapy on April 10th, 2015.

    After watching today’s (May 13th, 2015) meeting of the ASTDR and listening to the CAPS representatives I would love to have some sort of contact with them to see what my options are.

    I would appreciate it very much.


    Chris Cagle
    USMC E-4
    SERIAL # 2208874.

  3. please make sure my brothers and sisters are on your list of those to help they are on facebook also karen goodman debbie baker janette nelson mike baker sandy baker .

  4. no word yet from jannette nelson on cap’s assistance stomach cancer has gotten much worse . she is in billings montana her husband is dave i am sure she is not hard to contact .

  5. I was at camp legeune in 1977, my question is , can my children born later in life have health problems from my genes from me drinking water from there? I have been getting mail but it stop

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