Dan Rather on Camp Lejeune Water Contamination

This is great reporting from Dan Rather on the Lejeune water contamination. Jerry Ensminger talks about being filled with a “terrible resolve” as they go through the history of this disaster.

Pay special attention to the DoD attorney Lt Col Michael (Mike) Tencate. Watch him attempt to spin away the lies and fog the truth. Watch him do it pretty poorly.

In 2013 he was still listed in the Judge Advocate Directory:


Published on Nov 28, 2012

An investigation into the extremely high levels of toxic chemicals that up to a million marines and their families were drinking and bathing in for over 30 years while stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC. The levels of contamination were so high that scientists and federal investigators consider them to be the worst example of contamination that this country has ever seen. And what’s most shocking is that Camp Lejeune officials knew their water was contaminated, yet it took them five years to close down the wells. Jerry Ensminger, a former Camp Lejeune marine who lost his daughter to leukemia, has been waging a one-man battle to hold the military accountable. This story first aired October 21, 2008.


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