One of the Stories we Hear

I would like my husband’s story to be shared. He passed away 4/15/14 from non Hodgkins lymphoma. He was stationed at Camp Lejeune and drank the contaminated water. He meets the date requirements of the law as well and we have received letters from the Navy.

He tried to seek help from the VA and was told he did not have cancer from a worker at the Lancaster, PA office while he was being treated for cancer by an oncologist (we couldn’t wait for the VA so we had to use our health insurance because we were told by that doctor we needed to act fast).

He was diagnosed with cancer in November of 2012. As we went along a year and a half journey battling with his cancer and never finding a cure or being in remission, the VA was giving my husband the run around. Wrong numbers, left messages never returned, etc.

By the time we went to a VA hospital it was too late and the doctors couldn’t do anything for him.

He was on a trial in Philadelphia where they took his blood and was going to modify it and put it back into his body (HIV virus). He was waiting for the date to get the virus, but his cancer was too bad. He needed emergency surgery to repair and take out parts of his intestines from the cancer.

He was hospitalized from March 7th, 2014 until April 15th, 2014.

He suffered in pain, silently because after all he is a Marine! I watched my very fit and active husband decline with every chemo treatment, bloodwork, hospital stay, and test. He never complained. Only worried about me and our daughter.

We have been constantly denied by the VA. In fact, I had to get a letter from one of his doctors saying it was possible the cancer is related to his drinking poisonous water in Camp Lejeune. I called two doctors and I have received two letters.

We are still waiting for the VA to get back to us. It’s been a little more than 2 years now. I’m working with the DAV to get the approval. We aren’t asking for much. No amount of compensation will bring back a wonderful man loved by so many. It won’t bring back the father of my child and make my family whole again. I would like the US government to own up to a mistake. It’s too late for us, but maybe not for others.

I have many records and paper details. My husband, who also worked as a technical writer for the US Army, wrote a story about his journey. He was a very clever and witty man, so many stories have a bit of sarcasm.

My husband loved being in the Marines. He was proud of his country and loved his family. We all miss him so much.

I wish you luck and thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking this on. You and everyone else working for this cause will be in my prayers!

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3 thoughts on “One of the Stories we Hear

  1. Typical government run around. Why can’t they just obey the law. No matter whether the disease in question was “possibly” caused by the toxic water or not, the LAW states the veteran and/or his family will be compensated. JUST OBEY THE LAW AND DO IT!!!

  2. I also lost my husband to non-Hodgkins Lymphoma this past May. He was stationed at Lejeune in 1978. We were never made aware of the Lejeune situation until after he became ill and this was from a fellow marine. We initiated a disability claim and have not heard anything as yet. Have you been able to receive any compensation? Do you have any advice for how I should proceed on his behalf?

    1. Andrea if you are on Facebook there is a lot of daily conversation in several of the groups. Always sorry to hear of another loss, all the best to you.

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